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When the world thinks of New Jersey, rarely does it associate the Garden State with medical breakthroughs.


Susan Schaezler didn’t mind where her breakthrough was coming from as she searched tirelessly for an avascular necrosis specialist to save her from amputation. The trip from Texas to New Jersey was, as Schaezler put it, “worth it to save my leg.”


Schaezler is one of many patients finding an answer at The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction at The Plastic Surgery Center.


The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction is gaining worldwide notoriety for accommodating patients who have exhausted their options. It is one branch of The Plastic Surgery Center, which is one of the largest private plastic surgery practices in New Jersey.


Look Natural Hair Transplants and Aesthetic Vascular Associates are two additional entities within the Plastic Surgery Center, which perform cutting edge, minimally invasive treatments for hair restoration and vein disorders.


Dr. Andrew Elkwood, senior partner, leads a team of physicians who are trailblazing in their respective specialties, both in reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries.


“I’ve had many doctors tell me it can’t be fixed,” said Jeannine Sico about her damaged shoulder.


Sico had originally scheduled a breast reconstruction consultation. Upon seeing an arm brace, Dr. Elkwood inquired about her injury.

“You are going to wear the brace for the rest of your life,” is what Sico had been told. Prior to breast cancer, Sico had contracted MRSA, a strong bacteria resistant to most antibiotics, which permanently damaged the nerves in her shoulder.


Upon the insistence of Dr. Elkwood, Sico was tested and diagnosed with brachial plexus damage. Reconstructing the brachial plexus nerves to restore mobility and functionality is one of Dr. Elkwood’s specialties. With restored functioning of her arm, and breast reconstruction after a double mastectomy, Sico has returned to what most patients are seeking —normal. Her story of struggle to find an answer, although unique, is common at The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction.


This year the achievements of Drs. Andrew Elkwood, Michael Rose, Matthew Kaufman, Tushar Patel, Russell Ashinoff, and Adam Saad were recognized for receiving the Castle Connolly Top Doctor Award. For some, this award comes yearly as these pioneers continue to grow the practice’s 50-plus years of combined experience performing cosmetic procedures, advanced nerve microsurgery and other treatments to combat many serious and debilitating conditions.


To learn more about The Plastic Surgery Center and its affiliated entities, visit them online. With more than 17 locations throughout New Jersey and New York and a robust national and international program, The Plastic Surgery Center is local with a global reach.


More information can be found at LookNatural.com, AdvancedReconstruction.com, LookNaturalHairTransplants.com and VeinsNJ.com.